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What is a URL?

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What is a URL?

What is a URL? It is the uniform resource locator and is the address of resources on the internet technically known as the world wide web. URL is used to visit pages or websites, portals and other resources. When you type in the URL in a web browser, it will take you to a resource on the internet which can be a web page, an image, an article or a video. When you google a keyword it returns results in form of URL.

Different parts of URL

Now you know what is a URL roughly. The address has two parts which include a “protocol identifier” and a “resource name”. One colon and two forward slashes separate the two parts of the URL. For instance, the full web page address is http:// www. google.com, then http:// is the address of the executable file, and the rest is a specific web page. What is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a general question and the answer is an IP address or is it?

The first part is a transfer protocol and can be either ftp (file transfer protocol) or http (hypertext transfer protocol. This format was first developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994, and it has not changed since then. It is only a few of the things on the internet which has not changed over almost two decades. All computer languages have resources to include an URL in its code known as the URL class.

Structuring URL using SEO

The subject of this paragraph is the way to structure the URL using search engine optimization. One of the first tips is to use a single domain name and subdomain name. Subdomains are nowadays used to set up dynamic content viz. blogs which help the ranking of the website on search engines. Keeping the subdomain connected to the main domain helps the website gain rankings the most. This is a very pertinent issue after you know what is a URL.

The second most important thing for URL search engine optimization is the readability. It has been discovered via research that more the URL is readable for the users, the better it is for SEO. Readability can also be augmented by having keywords in the URL. For instance, if you are having a website selling copper utensils, having the keyword copper utensils in the URL helps a lot in improving its searchability. It is the reason behind web domains with keywords being priced above ones without.

What is a URL? It is the location of resources on the world wide web

URL The Address Of Resources Online

The online world is expanding every moment, and this is evident from the fact that people are spending almost one-fourth of their leisure time on the internet. Most of the world population type the web page address without knowing what it means. This article is an endeavour to bring the meaning of URL to all. The last parting tip is to keep the URL short as possible. Shorter the URL the better it fares on search engines like Google and Bing. Short is not only sweet but profitable!



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