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When you are buying web hosting, you also need a domain if you do not have one already other wise get one when you get your web hosting account. Your new domain name will be the new URL or web address. If you are going to start a blog or create a website, then you need a domain to which you link your site to.

Which domain name should I choose?

When choosing domain names, you have almost completely free hands. Which domain name you should choose depends much on what you have for purpose with your site. If you have a personal blog, you can use your name as a domain name, and if you have a company, you should have the company name in your domain name. This strengthens your brand, be it a diligent blogger or entrepreneur. The domain name gives your site an individualized touch. If you are looking to get as high as possible on search engines when someone searches for a particular product or service, it’s good to have the most common keywords for these products in the domain name. If someone is looking for the best web hosting company and you have a page listing the best web hosting sites, it’s good to have a domain that has the keywords in the domain name. This increases the chances of people finding what they’re looking for while getting more visitors.

The top top domains

The absolute best top-level domain in Bulgaria is of course .bg. It is recognized by all Bulgarians and clearly shows that it is a Bulgarian site. If that domain is busy with the domain name you want, the top level domains .com and .nu will also work well. The Top Domain .com is known internationally and works extra well if you target your site to visitors even outside Bulgaria. Otherwise, you can choose the .domain .net that works fairly for most sites. If you have an organization, .org works great and .biz works well for businesses. The .info domain is a good top-level domain if you want to inform something, such as a product you want to sell. If you do not find a good top-level domain for your domain name, you must change domain name or try to adjust it, for example, from singular to plural, from indefinite form to defined form, or add a word, but these adjustments work almost only for domain names based on keywords. If you turn and turn on your company name, the domain name loses its serious impression and your brand is falling in value.