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Start using StableHost!
Start using StableHost!
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Overall Impression

Support - 93%
Performance - 95%
Stability - 93%
Price - 96%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name StableHost
Website stablehost.com
Founded 2018
Support Email -
Support Phone 855 720 2654
Advantages Disadvantages
Good pricing on hosting packages Small company consisting of 15 people
Offers Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Hosting

StableHost Review

Finding a hosting partner to suit your requirements could turn out to be more entrusting than it at first appears as there are a plenaty alternatives out there – every one of which guarantees to give you extraordinary uptimes at the best price. On the off chance that you don’t know about what your site needs regarding hosting, it turns out to quite easy to put your resources into the wrong hosting company. It is, consequently, essentially truly uplifting running into a hosting company that can give every one of your needs.

StableHost hosting. In the event that the company name doesn’t reveal to you what you have to know, at that point you’re in good hands – you have full review audit in your grasp. StableHost has customized their hosting platforms from beginners to professionals with solutions that would fit everybody.


StableHost Background

StableHost is an American company that begun back in the year 2009 and has appreciated unfaltering development because of the dept free of trade out their oragnizationas it is an privately owned company. The organization, dissimilar to the significant players in the business with a vast number of web sites hosted in their areas, has just 15 team mebers so they can deal with its clients on a one on one premise. The organization has servers in four distinct areas overall including Amsterdam, Singapore, Chicago (Illinois) and Phoenix (Arizona). The organization utilizes Alpha SSL testaments.


Key StableHost Benefits

StableHost has incredible uptimes of 99.9% which agree to the business norms and lie over the business normal of 99.79%. They even have an uptime ensure that you’ll be credited amonth’s charge if the uptime falls underneath 99.9%.

The organization likewise offers you extremely quick speeds with the goal that your site doesn’t take too long to load. Studies showes that a second of loading could potential lose you 7% of your potential customer base while just 3 seconds could cost you a 50% less customer gain. You are accordingly equipped with 96GB of RAM, Dual E5 CPU and Enterprise level SSD.

You are likewise given extraordinary client mind with the goal that your issues are settled in great time, however the probability of an issue emerging is negligible still. The organization utilizes grouped web hosting which recognizes server mistakes and moves your webpage to various servers inside the structure to counteract downtime.

  • Ensured uptimes of more than 99.9%
  • Exceptionally quick loading speeds
  • Extraordinary customer support and Clustered hosting


Hosting Features of StableHost

First of all, you receive limitless bandwidth with either of the packages you subscribe to as well as unlimited disk space. Your site is also placed under Litespeed web server technology which, as recently as November 2017, provided one-stop web-acceleration solutions to 3% of the websites on the internet. You also get unlimited sub-domains with each of the packages on offer.
When you subscribe to the plans you also get free access to Site Pro Web builders and access to the Softaculous Installer which is famed for its use to those in need of WordPress and Joomla software (one-click scripts are available). Your data is also backed up on a daily basis by R1Soft and if you would like to optimize your databases, there’s support for MySQL. 


Control Panel & Usability

As a matter of first importance, you get unlimited bandwith capacity with all  of the packages you buy in addition to unlimited storage. Your webpage is likewise set under Litespeed web server innovation which, as of late as November 2017, which is one-stop web-speeding up answers for 3% of all sites on the web. You likewise get unli8mited sub-spaces with every one of the packages Stablehost offers.

When you buy in to the plans you additionally get free access to their website builder and access to the Softaculous Installer which is really popular for its utilization to those needing WordPress and Joomla programming (a single click install). Your information is likewise backed up every day by R1Soft and on the chance that you might want to enhance your databases, there is support for MySQL.


Data Security and Backups

You are entirely responsible for the backing up of your data at StableHost. Fortunately, the process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is generate a backup through the cPanel backup section. To keep you secure, StableHost offers you Let’s Encrypt certificates for free. All you need to do is click on the Let’s Encrypt icon in the Control Panel and get yours for free. If you would like something a bit more bespoke, there’s the Alpha SSL SSL certificate going for $39.95 annually with free installation.


Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is software which makes the creation of sites easy from the utilization of themes within an open source programmer community. StableHost makes the creation of WordPress sites both efficiently by using an authorized software application called Softaculous. Surprisingly, the program isn’t difficult to use. You just have to get on your control -panel and select Softaculous and check out and choose the software you will need installed- in cases like this, WordPress.

Softaculous has one-click scripts indicating the moment you decide on WordPress as the program you want to install and hit the Install button, you are now on your way. This will come in helpful if you’re not used to software programming and you also cannot write the lines of code required to make a complete website.


Shared Hosting

What actually places StableHost in front in the shared hosting industry. They don’t really take the same method of it- they use what’s known as Clustered web hosting which is technology that keeps your website moving from one server to another in conditions which server is in the best condition.

The technology assesses the server your site is on, every 60 seconds looking for errors and techniques your site to a new server if your site is in danger and then proceeds to troubleshoot and take care of the servers’ problems. StableHost offers three hosting plans to customers to allow them to have the ability to explore the rewarding technology accessible with the greater pricey plan being more suited to businesses.


Customer Support

StableHost provides every single customer with 24/7 email support but if you want to reach them on phone support you need to be subscribed to the business’s Platinum plan (their least affordable plan). However, the client support team responds to your concerns within 20 minutes at whichever time you get in touch with them. Also, the site comes with an considerable knowledge FAQ part filled up with articles and sometimes asked questions to be able to help in your starting out and help you to get familiar with all their features available. There’s also tutorials accessible for detail by detail advice when in difficulty.



StableHost FAQs

How can I Possibly Test the Server Speed

If you want to be certain about the investment you’re making and wish to know the server speed, you might simply go to this website link: https://www.stablehost.com/network.php – From here, you will be able to download example ZIP data files and do rate tests of your as well as visit a test blog. With these details, you ought to have a good notion of what’s on offer.
How Many Sites Are sharing In A Server?

Ranging from 300 and 2000 sites can be placed over a server with regards to the amount of traffic going right through the sites. Sites with little to no traffic are located using one server while people that have more traffic are situated in a less filled servers. That is an activity occurring severally per minute- just click here to learn more: https://billing.stablehost.com/knowledgebase/129/How-many-accounts-do-you-put-on-a-server.html 

What Happens if I forget my password

Do not stress- all you have to to do is log in to the customer portal and recalibrate the program you want by simply clicking the green button to your right-hand area after having clicked on Services after then clicked My Services. After that you can go through the ‘Change Security password’ tabs in the Activities field and then generate your new security password and confirm after that in Save Changes. 

Can I Possibly Use Awstats?

Under normal circumstances, AWStats is defer since it isn’t often used though it uses a heap of the resources available. If, however, you want to use the info provided by AWStats, you may simply permit it by logging in to the cPanel and selecting the ‘Metrics Editor’ from where you shall have the choice to change AWStats on. After a day, the AWStats data will commence trickling in.


Final Thoughts

StableHost surpass the brand they hold. They appear to working hard in keeping you online and its own proven by their above par uptimes of 99.9%. It is also nice to learn that you will be spending less amount of time contacting customer support because your site is put to the test every 60 seconds and put in, if needed, more suitable conditions.

The best is the fact that StableHost is simple to operate for people who are not used to hosting, or web development completely, as they use C panel as their easier to use control panel. The usage of cPanel does mean that if you migrate from using another hosting company, you wouldn’t have to learn a complete new control panel to get similar thing done. Overall, StableHost is a superb host.




Start using StableHost!

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