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What Is Shared Web Hosting?

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What Is Shared Web Hosting?

What is shared web hosting? It is a hosting service that hosts or manages several websites from a single server. It is one of the most popular methods of hosting, especially when you are building your first website. These services are provided by all kinds of hosting companies, which let you share a server, as having a dedicated server for a website is quite expensive. But it also has some limitations to have shared web hosting. The most important one is that you can only have a limited amount of space.

The Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting

After answering the question, what is shared web hosting? you would also know what are the advantages of the service. It is the most economical hosting available, with prices as low as $ 2.50 per month. Now that is dirt cheap, isn’t it? Another advantage is that the hosting companies have quite a number of hosting plans available. These plans are of different levels, and you can upgrade when you want.

The most important aspect of hosting is website management, and the hosting plan comes with a built-in cPanel for website management. Do not get worried about technical maintenance of your website as it comes along with the hosting package. This is the advantage of shared web hosting. The most important point with shared hosting is that it supports all kinds of websites and all kinds of budgets. So, web hosting is easy to get and easier to maintain. if you want website management the hosting companies have that too.

The Drawbacks Of Shared Web Hosting

With the knowledge of what is shared web hosting? you also need to know where and when it does not work. It has many advantages being economical, easy to manage and excellent uptime but also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of shared web hosting is the load time of the website. Since the server hosts many websites, the loading time of website increases. As the traffic of your website increases, this happens frequently.

Another thing that can happen is overburdening of the server with other websites. The web hosting company tries to optimize the use of the servers they own and this can lead to many websites being hosted on one server. The other websites may also pose a security risk to your website. Also, shared web hosting does not give you the best optimization that can be done with your website. Keep in view these cons before taking up a shared hosting plan.

What is shared web hosting? A single server for multiple websites

Shared Web Hosting Do Not Match Up

Does shared web hosting have an alternative? Well, there are options but they cannot match the price levels. One option is WordPress dedicated hosting, which gives free domain name along with the hosting services. However, you will need to buy website management services for running the website. However, they have much more options for customization than a basic shar4ed hosting plan. Shared hosting is a good service for beginner websites with not much traffic. So, you can start with a shared hosting plan and upgrade to a dedicated one later.



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