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What types of Web Hosting are there?

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What types of Web Hosting are there?

Sometimes it is so confusing to understand what types of web hosting are there? The web hosting topic is wide. Knowing all that it is about this topic will require extensive research. However, since you are looking for information that will guide you in choosing the best hosting plan for your website, we will make it easier for you. We are going to look at the most common hosting services and analyze them to determine which best fit your website needs.

Shared Hosting Service

This is the most common and mostly used by many website owners. In a shared web hosting service, your website gets hosted on one server with other websites. Why should you agree to use this service when you will have to share? It all comes down to the cost. It is the cheapest option as compared to the others. For as little as $5 per month you get your website hosted. For a person with a simple website and wondering what types of web hosting are there? I will recommend this type of hosting service.

The only downside is that when your site get bigger and busier, your website performance under this service will be affected. Because of the slow server response, busy website tend to be slower to load and this might deny you the much needed traffic. In some case, greedy hosting companies, always oversell their services which cause frequent downtime and slow page load. This is very bad for any website that is looking to succeed online.

Other Web Hosting Services

Reseller web hosting service is a shared account that has extra tools to assist you in reselling hosting space. It comes with extra technical features like a web host manager and billing software to help in managing your clients. Other benefits you get include free web templates, private name servers and technical support for white label. For those who are looking for what types of web hosting are there? This type of service is good for those who want to start a web hosting business. You still can host your personal websites on the serve given. The prices range from $15 – 50 per month.

Others include Cloud Based Web Hosting service where individual servers are connected together to work as one. It is a new web hosting technology. Virtual private servers service share one server, but they act as though they are many separate servers., Dedicated Web Server service is where you rent one physical server from a reliable web hosting company. In most cases, you get full control of the server. These services are good for established companies.


In summing up

Choosing the best web hosting service is very important. To do that, you need to understand the different types of hosting services that exist. These are shared web hosting service, Reseller web hosting service , Cloud Based Web Hosting , Virtual private servers services and Dedicated Web Server services. Each of these services re good for certain kind of website and they have there own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding them all is very important as you choose what best fits your business.



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