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What Is FTP?

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What Is FTP?

What is FTP? FTP expands to File Transfer Protocol and is a way to transfer files between computers. This type of file exchange can be used to transfer files in between computers on a network or can be used to transfer files between a computer and an online account on a server. All you need to download is an FTP client which enables the communication between the two sources before the actual transfer. FTP is a heavily used system and one needs to be patient at it might require a few tries to transfer all the files.

Using FTP Graphically And Through Web Browser

The simplest way to know what is FTP? is to use the system. The easiest way to transfer files using a graphic FTP client. This client allows to drag and drop file icons just like copying on a computer. There are two kinds of websites that have this available – The ones where you use a name and password, and another where you are anonymous. You just need to open the program on either type to transfer files.

Another way to transfer files using the FTP method is by using the web browser. It is the similar manner in which you open a regular website using HTTP://. Here instead of HTTP:// you use FTP:// to connect with the large directories on the web or another computer. However, web browsers are slower than FTP clients and have fewer features and hence are less reliable for transferring files. Using the FTP client is the best way and it is completely free.

Uploading Files Using FTP

What is FTP? is already discussed in the introduction and now we should know how to use it to transfer files. Let us take for instance that you are installing WordPress as the website builder on your Cpanel website management system. Before installing WordPress you need to upload it from your PC to the server, and to do this you need an FTP client like Filezilla for file transfer.

You do not need to have additional username and password, as WordPress gives access to the FTP client through the control panel. After installing WordPress FTP also helps in modifying the theme file which is a functions.php file. In some cases, the screen might go blank without any graphics due to a poor code of the theme. If you know FTP then you can go back and delete the files restoring normalcy. For any more information, you can refer to an online tutorial or a YouTube video. As easy as it gets!

What is FTP? A simple way to transfer files between computers

FTP: A Reliable And Economical ForTransferring Files

FTP is the method that revolutionized the way data was transferred over networks. Earlier it required the use of hardware to move large chunks of data, that could not be moved over a network any other way. FTP allows any size of data to move over networks and what is needed is the FTP address of the machine, which can be a computer or a server. This file transfer method is also the cheapest way to move data, as no hardware purchase is required to do so.



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