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Choosing web hosting

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Choosing web hosting

Choosing web hosting

Here are eight important points that you as a private person or business should consider when choosing a web host.

1. Space. Investments website that is primarily text-based is not required so much space, but if it contains movies and video requires the often quite a large space. Find out what it will cost if space needs to be expanded in the future. Sometimes it can be profitable to pay for a larger room than the website in the beginning really requires.

2. Traffic. If the website contains many photos and videos that visitors can download, it takes many GB of traffic. Then choose a web host that allows a large amount of traffic. If not, find out how much it costs to raise the ceiling for the traffic.

3. Response and transaction speed. The hotel’s Web response time and transaction speed is important. The response time is the time it takes for a visitor to reach the server and transaction speed is the time it takes to download the page in the browser. Internet users like rarely slow web pages and site risks losing many visitors unless the hosting provider has a good response time and a fast transaction speed.

4. Reliability. Operational safety is important, especially for a company with the online store. The reliability may be measured in the “up-time”, which is the time percentage that serve for a time is in operation. No hosting company offers 100% up time. Sometimes, the server must be restarted. It may suffer from overload, power outages and more. The lower the uptime the greater the loss of revenue because the website is not available at a stoppage.

5. Support. A web hotel support is very important. Ideally, hosting both have support via email and telephone. Often enough with email contact, but if the server suddenly goes down, it is important that the telephone support is available and effective. One tip is to test support before you decide to hosting, as to ask questions via e-mail and telephone.

6. Technology. Make sure that the web host you choose supports the software you are working with, such as WordPress, Joomla and MySQL.

7. E-mail. Choose a web host where you have access to many e-mail addresses. Having unique email addresses give a professional impression even for small businesses.

8. Prize. Price may be important, but remember that cheap is not always good. When choosing a web host you should observe the above points, and then weigh the price. When you compare prices, find out whether they are exclusive or inclusive of VAT.



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