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Tips on how to choose a good domain name

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Tips on how to choose a good domain name

The question on how to choose a good domain is one that many people find it hard to crack. Your online success will depend on what you decide as your domain name. Choosing a good domain name is like choosing a good company name. You need to be thoughtful and considerate. Remember, the domain name you choose will be your online identity. To attract people online and to grow your presence online, your domain should be relevant to your business. So, how do you then go about choosing an impressive domain name? Here are the two main factors to consider:

Easy to Remember and to Type

You may be wondering if there is any tips on choosing a good domain? Making your domain easy to remember is the first tip on how to choose a good domain. Domain name is the foundation of your online marketing. It should brand your online business and make it stand out from your competitors. For this to happen, it should be easy to remember and type. How do you achieve this then? Make the domain name as short as possible. Long domains are hard to remember. You may want to match it with your business name. However, research has shown that a short domain name that are not generic are easily remembered by visitors. This has in turn increase web traffic through referral and return visitors.

You can go for the initials of your business name as well, However, not every initials make a brandable domain name. Some initials might spell a word that misrepresents your business. It is advisable to go for initials that are catchy and memorable. Avoid numbers and symbols like hyphens. A study has shown that domain with numbers and symbols are always missing-typed. If someone hears a domain with number 7, he or she may type the numerical 7 yet the right spelling is ‘seven’

Domain name extension

Domain name extensions are suffixes that appear after your main name of the domain. These include popular extensions like .com, .net and .org. As you research on how to choose a good domain, you need to understand how these extensions mean and when to use them. For the popular extensions, you might find it hard to get one especially for a business that has a common name. These extensions have been around for a long time and someone might have grabbed the domain name with the extension that you are looking for.

Here are some extensions and when they are used: • . com :- For general use. Any site can use a this extension • . biz : – For business related web sites. • . info :- Only for informational web sites. • . org : -Mostly for non-profits organization. • net :- Used technology related web sites. • . me :- For personal websites. These are not the only extensions. You can get personalized extensions. For example, if your website is about education, you can get a .education extension. These are expensive as compared to other popular extension.

Learn how to choose a good domain

All in summary

Choosing a domain name is not as easy and obvious as many people would image. Just because you have a registered business name does not mean it automatically qualifies to be your domain. The most important things to remember when choosing a good domain name is that it should be easy to remember and have the right extension. Your domain name is as good as your business name. If you get it wrong, you will lose so much in your online business adventure.



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