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What are some general things I should assess when looking for a good Web Hosting solution?

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What are some general things I should assess when looking for a good Web Hosting solution?

There are various factors to be assessed before deciding whether a particular web hosting solution is a good or a bad choice. So, what are these factors? Are bandwidth and storage space still a concern? What kind of hosting suits you the most? All these points are to be addressed before you make an informed decision. And even before that, you should be well aware of your own hosting needs. You should be able to determine the kind of website your business needs, the kind of apps that work for you, the kind of software that suits your business, the kind of traffic are you expecting, etc. You should be able to gauge all these parameters in order to be able to make the right decision.

Are You A Newbie?

If you are totally new to web marketing, then perhaps, a shared account might be the right web hosting solution for you. It is cheap to sign up, maintenance costs are low and can withstand most of the demands faced by a new website. The other advantage is, you can always upgrade your shared account to a VPS or a dedicated hosting service at a later stage when you think that your website is in full flow.

On the other hand, if you have firsthand experience in web marketing, and are on the lookout to launch a full fledged marketing website , you might want to consider a few factors. First of all, look for the reliability of the server which is measured in terms of ‘Uptime Score.’ For any website, nothing is more important than a server that works 24×7 without major downtimes. In other words, the Uptime score should be more than 99%. Second most important factor is, feasibility. Check for up-gradation options available with the service provider. Learn if you can upgrade your account to a VPS or a dedicated server when need be. Also, check if the service provider allows multiple addon domains. If no, just skip them. If a service provider is offering all the above, then you can start considering it as an option. But, do not take a decision yet!

Know The Exact Price – Unzip The Hidden Costs

Price always plays an important role in determining whether a web hosting solution suits your budget or not, especially, when you are up for a renewal. Almost all web hosting companies charge very less, initially, when you join them. But, when your website is up for renewal, they demand a higher price. And this tactic is almost everywhere and is considered as a norm in this industry. So, check the TOS thoroughly before you sign-up with any web hosting service. One way to do this is, click on the company’s TOS link and search for renewal or renew. You should be able to find the prices.

Your next step is now to find out the refund policy of the company. Ask if the company provides a full refund if you choose to opt out during the trail period. Check for the company’s refund policy after the completion of the trail period. Also, check if there are any cancellation or hidden charges. This way you can make sure that you won’t be losing much in case things go wrong. If the answers for the above questions are satisfactory and if you find that the renewal charges for shared hosting are less than $10, you can consider the particular web hosting company for further scrutiny.


Other Important Factors

If you are just planning to start a new website, do not bother much about data space. Also, at this time, transfer capacity is not of much importance as well. But what is important is the e-commerce features of your website and the ease of use. Think if your business needs separate software to handle the shopping cart, think whether you want your website to handle business transactions by itself, think of the kind of tech support you need ha and above all, think if your website is user friendly. Once you have a clear picture of the above mentioned requirements, you can check with the web hosting company as to how it can help you in fulfilling these factors. If you find the answers to be satisfactory, you can for sure choose the company for hosting your website.



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