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WebHostReviewers.com is the guide you need when looking for a good and affordable web host. Take a look at our top list, read our reviews and check out our guides and you will definitely find a web host that matches your needs according to price and web hosting features.

Learn more about web hosting

If you're going to get involved in hosting and web development, you might as well just learn it all. Webhostreviewers.com offers you a range of guides which you will benefit from. If you want to learn how to open up a website, buy a domain or how to make money on your website, we will guide you through it.

Our web hosting top list

Our top list above has been solely sorted by us, WebHostReviewers.com. A host is ranked based on a bunch of factors, where the most important factor for us is uptime and stability. Second most important is support and availability. We also offer a top list based on the customers experience and rating on the right.

Uptime & stability is very important for the simple reason that none likes a website that they can't access. If your site is down, your sales will be down too. Of course, performance is very important too, but in our eyes secondary. Any of the kind is excluded from our site.

Support & availability is important too, especially for those who are not as skilled and will need assistance from the tech or support team. Some hosts are very limited in support, which is why we haven't even considered adding them to Webhostreviewers.com.

Choose a web host suitable for you

We realize that some people will have a really hard time choosing and understanding the difference between web hosts. To clarify it for you, we will list the typical needs into three different categories.

Web hosts for one or a few simple websites

If you're just having one or a few websites or blogs containing text, images and videos then there is no need to spend money on a good web host. Most web hosts will do. However, make sure that they offer you more than 1 domain per account, as a lot of budget web hosting solutions have a limit for this.

A and B are two suitable web hosts for this.

Web hosts for heavy and or plenty of websites

If you plan to run a large e-commerce site, heavy scripts, or hundreds of websites, we recommend you to spend a little more money. Make sure the web host has the bandwidth and storage that your visitors and files require.

A and B are two suitable web hosts for this.

Web hosts for companies

If you're looking for hosting for your company website and the whole business relies on a good connectivity between the company and its clients, we will recommend you to really take a moment and figure out exactly what limits (storage, bandwidth etc) and features you need in a host. We might even go so far and recommend a VPS in cases where the company has a lot of customers in need to reach the website and online services.

A and B are two suitable web hosts for this.

Assistance from Webhostreviewers.com

If you really can't decide what web host you should pick, don't hesitate to ask our members here at our web hosting forum, or contact us directly on this page.